Purpose and Objective

The American Celiac Society Dietary Support Coalition, a non-profit tax exempt organization, serves individuals suffering with dietary disorders such as:

Celiac Sprue Disease

Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Crohn's Disease

Lactose Intolerance

Wheat Intolerance

Various food allergies

Other dietary disorders

 The organization supports efforts in education, research, and mutual support to individuals with dietary disorders. It helps set up support groups, sponsors conferences, seeks funding for education and research, identifies ingredients in foods and food supplements, and educates the public about problems facing its members.

Coalition Board

The Coalition Board consists of the Founders, Headquarters Director, the organization's representative to the National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse Advisory Board, and other appointed representative to the board, and a representative from each Coalition Support Group. The Board communicates through phone, mail, and meetings when feasible.


  • Membership is open to all individuals with dietary problems, family and friends of these individuals, and medical professionals interested in better health care for members. It is also open to anyone interested in learning more about these particular dietary problems and helping promote the ideals of our organization.